What You Need to Know About Weld Tabs

Weld-on Tab Nomenclature

 Flat tabs: Flat tabs are stamped from flat sheets of premium mild steel that have all rust and surface imperfections removed.

Tube tabs: These can be either flat or formed. They have a radius on the bottom to fit round tubing and are welded perpendicular to the tube axis, saddle style.

Formed tabs: Formed tabs start life as flat tabs. They are then placed in a forming die to create a three dimensional tab that can be welded to any tube diameter. Some call these “trick tabs”.

Trick tabs: These get there name because they fit ANY diameter tube. However, they are welded parallel to the tube axis.

Gussets: Gussets are used to reinforce corners. Ours have special holes to allow anchoring electrical or plumbing with tie wraps.

Flanges: Flanges allow you to join two pieces of metal tubing by bolting them together. The advantage is that they can be easily unbolted.